Application Processing
(Excluding Food Stamps and Child Care)
- Table of Contents -

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0105.000.00 APPLICATION PROCESSING  (Excluding Food Stamps, Family MO HealthNet programs and Childcare)
0105.005.00 Requests For Assistance
0105.010.00 Signing The Application
0105.015.00 Dating The Application
0105.020.00 Where To File And Transferring Applications (This section is obsolete)
0105.025.00 Interview Process
0105.025.05 Interview Procedures (This section is obsolete)
0105.025.10 Joint IM And Food Stamp Application Interview
0105.025.15 Explanation Required of All Programs
0105.025.15.05 Temporary Assistance Program Explanation
0105.025.15.20 MC+ For Non-Custodial Parents
0105.025.15.25 Medical Assistance Program Explanation
0105.025.15.30 MA Vendor Nursing Facility Explanation
0105.025.15.35 General Relief Program Explanation
0105.025.15.40 Supplemental Nursing Care Explanation
0105.025.15.45 Supplemental Aid To The Blind Explanation
0105.025.15.50 Blind Pension Program Explanation
0105.026.00 Voter Registration Requirements
0105.026.02 NVRA Coordinators
0105.026.05 Distribution of Voter Registration Forms
0105.026.05.02 Reception Log
0105.026.05.03 Voter Registration Log
0105.026.05.05 Interview Procedure
0105.026.05.10 Procedure for Completed Forms
0105.026.05.11 Reconciliation of the Reception Log and Voter Registration Log
0105.026.05.12 Recording the Data from the Logs into Survey Monkey
0105.026.05.15 Out of State Residents
0105.026.10 Form Completion Assistance
0105.026.15 Corrective Action Required when There is no Record that an Applicant/EU was Offered the Opportunity to Register to Vote
0105.026.20 Transmission of Completed Forms
0105.026.25 Adequate Supply of Voter Registration Forms
0105.026.30 Voter Registration Training Requirement
0105.030.00 Voluntary Withdrawal Of Application
0105.035.00 Notification Of Application Decision
0105.040.00 Specialized Application Procedures
0105.040.05 Change of Payee - New Application
0105.040.10 Re-Applications
0105.040.15 Death After Application
0105.040.20 Application For Deceased Persons
0105.040.25 MO HealthNet Application Concurrent with Cash Programs
0105.040.30 MO HealthNet Application for Inmates in Custody of Department of Corrections
0105.045.00 TIMELINE FOR Processing IM Applications
0105.045.05 Reasons For Delay In Dispostion Of Applications