Adoption Services

A range of services is offered for children and parents involved in the adoption process. These include the evaluation of the child’s needs prior to placement, and arrangements for care of the child prior to the child’s adoptive placement and to the approval of the adoptive family. Also, special activities are provided to help adoptive parents and children adjust to the new family situation. Payment is provided for legal services associated with the freeing of a child for adoption. For special needs children, costs are underwritten by the state through the Missouri adoption subsidy program (MASP), for legal, medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, and/or integrative serves for the child both before and following adoption. For an adoptive family to receive an adoption subsidy, an agreement must be negotiated between that family and CD.

To assist in location homes for children, CD operates an Adoption Photo Listing of children waiting for an adoptive family and a Foster-Adoptline which may be called without charge: 1-800-554-2222

Who Is Eligible?

Children in the custody of CD who are legally free for adoption. Any family (parent at least 21 years of age) or single person (21 and over) in Missouri may be considered as a prospective adoptive family.

Foster Care Information

There are many reasons why people consider becoming a foster parent – wanting to give back to the community, the desire to help children, biological children are grown and miss the day to day parenting, etc. Whatever your reason may be, there is some basic information you should have to help you make your final decision. The Foster Care Information page provides information regarding foster parenting and the foster care program.