WARNING!! Documents contain graphic and explicit information that may be disturbing to some readers.

Information relating to a specific child abuse and neglect investigation is closed and confidential under Missouri law, except for very limited circumstances (please see, § 210.150.2-.5 RSMo).

The Director of the Department of Social Services does have the authority to release information and findings about cases which resulted in a child fatality or near-fatality. The Director can consider whether it is appropriate to release information or findings about the case after the investigation is concluded and the Department has had the opportunity to consider the impact of the release of information on other children within the immediate family, the criminal investigation or any legal proceedings arising out of the case in the manner required by law.  This process is initiated only upon formal request. 

The following child fatality or near-fatality cases have been formally requested and the Director of the Department of Social Services has authorized release of the case information and findings.

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