The following are summaries and other information related to Proposed Rules that the Department of Social Services has submitted to the Secretary of State for Publication in the Missouri Register. These rules will not go into effect until the public has had an opportunity to submit written comments, and to attend a public hearing if one is scheduled.

Any person may offer comments on a Proposed Rule. The instructions for submitting comments, and the location and date of a hearing if one is scheduled, are located after the text of each rule.  And, you may email comments on a Proposed Rule to Please note that the official text of a Proposed Rule is the version that appears in the Missouri Register, not the draft copy on this site. Refer to the official copy if you wish to submit comments.

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Proposed Rule Summary Fiscal
Link to Missouri Register Date Posted
13 CSR 70-10.015 This amendment removes or replaces obsolete processes, language, and terms; clarifies regulation language; revises the definition of audits; allows an extension for cost report filings for good cause shown; amends when cost reports are required for terminating providers or changes in providers; amends when payments will be withheld for late cost report submissions and terminating providers; establishes a required prior authorization process for any out-of-state nursing facility to be reimbursed for nursing facility services; and revises the methodology for determining prospective rates. YES Missouri Register – April 1, 2021
Volume 46, Number 7 (Pages 612-622)
13 CSR 70-25.110 This amendment updates language and removes an obsolete statutory reference. NO Missouri Register – April 1, 2021
Volume 46, Number 7 (Pages 623-624)
13 CSR 70-90.010 This amendment allows the adult expansion group described in Article IV Section 36(c) of the Missouri Constitution to receive habilitative services through the Missouri Home Health Program, and updates the incorporated by reference dates. NO Missouri Register – April 1, 2021
Volume 46, Number 7 (Pages 624)