The following are summaries and other information related to Proposed Rules that the Department of Social Services has submitted to the Secretary of State for Publication in the Missouri Register. These rules will not go into effect until the public has had an opportunity to submit written comments, and to attend a public hearing if one is scheduled.

Any person may offer comments on a Proposed Rule. The instructions for submitting comments, and the location and date of a hearing if one is scheduled, are located after the text of each rule.  And, you may email comments on a Proposed Rule to Please note that the official text of a Proposed Rule is the version that appears in the Missouri Register, not the draft copy on this site. Refer to the official copy if you wish to submit comments.

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Proposed Rule Summary Fiscal Note(s) Link to
Date Posted
13 CSR 70-3.120 This amendment updates the definition for border state providers of services. No Missouri Register – January 15, 2020 Volume 45, Number 2 (Page 106) 1/15/2020
13 CSR 70-90.010 This amendment incorporates the requirements of 42 CFR 440.70.  These changes include removal of the requirement of the need for a skilled service to receive home health aide services, defines where home health services may be provided, and adds face-to-face encounter and documentation requirements.  In addition, it also updates terminology, the MO HealthNet Division web site address, and the incorporated by reference date. Yes Missouri Register – January 15, 2020 Volume 45, Number 2 (Pages 106 - 108) 1/15/2020
13 CSR 70-3.240 This amendment adds chronic pain as a stand-alone chronic condition that qualifies MO HealthNet participants as Primary Care Health Home patients. The amendment also clarifies Health Home certification requirements, adds provider requirements for primary care health homes offering services to patients with chronic pain as a qualifying condition, and clarifies which health home patients will generate per-member, per-month (PMPM) payments to health homes. Yes Missouri Register – January 2, 2020 Volume 45, Number 1 (Pages 36-39) 1/2/2020
13 CSR 70-20.310 This amendment adds more specific incorporation by reference language and updates the rule to remove duplication. No Missouri Register – January 2, 2020 Volume 45, Number 1 (Pages 40-41) 1/2/2020