The Children's Division offers the following services to help families safely remain together:

  • Children's Treatment Services
  • Family-Centered Services
  • Intensive In-Home Services
  • Home Visiting

Children's Treatment Services

Children's Treatment Services are provided to families and children to reunify familes or keep children in their own homes. These services help to prevent child abuse and neglect and support victims of child abuse or neglect. Children and families in need of treatment services because of abuse or neglect or who are at risk of abuse or neglect may be eligible for services.

Children's Treatment Services include therapeutic services, such as individual and family therapy, and non-therapeutic services, such as a parent aide or parent education program. 

For a complete list of services available, please review the Children's Treatment Services (CTS) Catalog of Services.

Family-Centered Services

Family-Centered Services are provided to families and children in their own homes when the Children's Division and/or the courts determine a family would benefit from services. The goal of Family-Centered Services is to improve and maintain the family unit for the well-being of children.

Family-Centered Services are available to all Missouri families and their children. Anyone can voluntarily ask for help through these services. In some cases, the court may determine that a family would benefit from Family-Centered Services and require that the family receives Family-Centered Services through the Children's Division. 

Family-Centered Services include a range of treatment and support services that may be provided directly by the Children's Division or through community agencies. Children's Division staff will work with the family to develop a plan to improve family functioning and address the agency's and the family's concerns related to child safety and well-being.

Intensive In-Home Services (IIS)

Intensive In-Home Services (IIS) are intensive short-term, home-based, crisis intervention services. These services are offered so that families can, through intervention, learn to nurture their children, improve their functioning, and gain support within their community to help the family remain safely together.

Intensive In-Home Services may be appropriate for families that have a child or children at risk of removal from the home due to abuse, neglect, family violence, mental illness, emotional disturbance, juvenile delinquency, or other circumstances.

Intensive In-Home Services combine skill-based intervention with maximum flexibility so that services are available to families according to their needs. The services available focus helping families in crisis improve their household so that they can safely remain together. Services are available statewide and include:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Parenting education
  • Child development training
  • Household maintenance education
  • Nutritional training
  • Job readiness training
  • Referrals to other community services

How can I get help?

If you have questions about any of the services available to help you and your family, please contact your local Children's Division office.

If your family needs help with food stamps, health care, child care, child support, or with any other assistance programs, the Family Support Division can help.

Additional Information