Employers play a crucial role in the success of the Child Support program. With your cooperation, more children in Missouri and other states receive the financial support they need to lead healthy and happy lives. Child Support thanks you, the employers, for your efforts.

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What are my responsibilities as an employer?

As a Missouri employer, you:

  • Must report information about new employees to the Missouri Department of Revenue (sections 285.300 to 285.306, RSMo);
  • May be directed to provide salary and benefit information for a specific employee to Missouri Child Support or another state’s child support enforcement agency (section 454.440, RSMo);
  • May be ordered to withhold and pay over family support from an employee’s wages (sections 452.350 and 454.505, and sections 454.932 to 454.941, RSMo); and
  • May be ordered to enroll an employee’s child in a health benefit plan and to withhold the appropriate premium amount from the employee’s wages (sections 454.600 to 454.645, RSMo).

Child Support thanks you for your efforts and cooperation in complying with these laws.

Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange

For child and spousal support income withholdings paid to the Family Support Payment Center, employers can set up the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) payment method by calling toll-free 1-888-761-6390.

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