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Strategic Management Priorities

In order to make positive change, we need a strategy. Our team has identified areas to focus on to improve the way we serve Missourians. Our Strategic Management Priorities, also called “the Placemat,” outlines this plan.



Select a Placemat below to learn more about our initial plan and our next steps.


2018 Placemat

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2019 Placemat








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See Our Progress

Click through below using the arrows to see progress on each placemat theme.


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If you’re interested in learning more, our Caseload Counter & Reports offer more detailed information and statistics.



Hear from our Team


Cari Pointer talks about how she and her team are eliminating overdue investigations.

Our dedicated team members are working hard on the Placemat initiatives and we're making great improvements.
Hear more about what they've accomplished and what they're working towards.



Connect with us

Department success is a team effort, and we value your ideas and feedback about our strategic management priorities.

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