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Acronym Full Title


A2A Alternatives to Abortion
ABAWD Able Bodied Adult without Dependents
ACT (Active) Public assistance benefit is active
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDC-UP Aid to Families with Dependent Children - Unemployed Parents
APP (Pending) Application is pending and will be processed as soon as possible
APSR Annual Progress and Service Report (Chafee - Independent Living)
APV (Approved) SNAP (Food Stamp) application has been approved for expedited benefits.
AYAB Area Youth Advisory Board (Chafee - Independent Living)


BEP Business Enterprise Program
BP Blind Pension
C-STAR Comprehensive Substance Treatment abuse and Rehabilitation
CARE Child Abuse Resource Education (physical medical exam)
CASA Court-appointed Special Advocates
CA/NHU Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit
CCDBG Child Care and Development Block Grant
CD Children’s Division
CFCIP Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
CFSP Child and Family Service Plan (Chafee - Independent Living)
Chafee Not an acronym. The Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 established the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program.
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program
CJA Children’s Justice Act
CLO (Closed) Case has closed
CPS Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
CSBG Community Services Block Grant
CWS Child Welfare Services


DBF Division of Budget and Finance (Renamed to Division of Finance and Administration in 2008)
DCN Department Case Number
DCSE Division of Child Support Enforcement
DD Developmentally Disabled
DFAS Division of Finance and Administration
DFS Division of Family Services (Renamed to Family Support Division in 2003)
DGS Division of General Services (Renamed to Division of Finance and Administration in 2008)
DLS Division of Legal Services
DMS Division of Medical Services renamed to MO HealthNet Division in August 2007.
DO Director’s Office
DSM Disease State Management
DSS Department of Social Services
DVSS Domestic Violence Shelters and Services
DYS Division of Youth Services


EA Emergency Assistance
EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer
ECIP Energy Crisis Intervention Program
EU (Eligibility Unit) Everyone living in a household that is receiving benefits
EPSDT Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
EXP (Expired) Certification has expired


FACES Family And Children Electronic System
FAMIS Family Assistance Management Information Systems
FFS Fee-for-Service
FPS Family Preservation Services
FSD Family Support Division
FSP Food Stamp Program
FUTURES Missouri JOBS Program


HCY Healthy Children and Youth
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPP The Health Insurance Premium Payment
HRC Human Resource Center


ICPC Interstate Compact on Placement of Children
ILP Independent Living Program
INIT (Initial) Application is new
ITSD Information Technology Services Division


JAG JJobs for America’s Graduates
JCYOI Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative


LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LIHWAP Low Income Home Water Assistance Program


MACSS Missouri Automated Child Support System
MASP Missouri Adoption Subsidy Program
MC+ Medical Care Programs (renamed to MO HealthNet in 2007)
MAF Medical Assistance for Families (renamed to MO HealthNet for Families in 2007)
MHD MO HealthNet Division (formerly Division of Medical Services)
MHN MO HealthNet for Families (formerly Medical Assistance for Families)
MMP Missouri Mentoring Partnership
MRDD Waiver Mental Retardation Developmental Disabilities Waiver
MWA Missouri Work Assistance Program.


NEMT Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
NILA National Independent Living Association
NMSN National Medical Support Notice


PHI Protected Health Information (HIPAA required)


QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
REJ (Rejected) Application is rejected
RSB Rehab Services for the Blind


SAB Supplemental Aid to the Blind
SAFE Sexual Assault Forensic Examination
SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program
SED Severe Emotional Disturbances
SLMB Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary
SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Missouri Food Stamps)
SNC Supplemental Nursing Care
SSN Social Security Number
STAT State Technical Assistance Team
SYAB State Youth Advisory Board (Chafee - Independent Living)


TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TLA Transitional Living Advocate
TLG Transitional Living Group Home
TLP Transitional Living Program
TLS Transitional Living Single/Scattered Site Apartments
TMLY/NONTMLY Time in which your application was received
TPL Third Party Liability
TWHA Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program
VOCA Victims of Crime Act
VR Vocational Rehabilitation


WIC Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children