What is the ICAMA?

The Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA) makes sure that all of the benefits of an adoption subsidy agreement continue, regardless of where the child lives. Forty-eight states, including Missouri and the District of Columbia, are members of the ICAMA.

Who is protected by the ICAMA?

Any child who is eligible for a subsidized adoption by Missouri (or another ICAMA state) may be eligible for help. A child with special needs may receive the benefits of an adoption subsidy until the age of 18. If the state determines that the child’s mental or physical handicaps warrants continued help beyond 18, a child may be able to receive benefits until the age of 21.

How does it work?

The ICAMA is designed to prevent and overcome any barriers that may keep adoptive families from getting the medical assistance mandated by adoption agreements. This means that if a child lives in a state that is part of the ICAMA and moves to another state that is also part of the ICAMA, that state will provide Medicaid services to help the child’s special needs.

The ICAMA specifically protects medical help, including Medicaid program services. Other services and benefits may also be protected, depending on the agreements developed pursuant to Articles IV and VI of the Compact.