Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit

What is the Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit?

By contributing to a qualified pregnancy resource center, Missouri taxpayers:

What is a qualified pregnancy resource center?

Pregnancy Resource Centers

A pregnancy resource center is a tax-exempt, non-residential facility located in Missouri. These centers assist women with unplanned or crisis pregnancies and encourage women to carry their pregnancies to term by offering pregnancy testing and counseling with emotional and material support.

How does pregnancy resource center become a qualified agency?

To qualify, each year the pregnancy resource center submits:

Where are qualified pregnancy resource centers located?

The link below lists where qualified resource centers for the current state fiscal year are located.

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What role does Department of Social Services' (DSS) play for this tax credit?

Department of Social Services (DSS) administers the tax credit.

Who can claim this tax credit?

The amount of the claimed tax credit may not exceed the amount of the taxpayer’s state income tax liability for the year the credit is being claimed.

Any tax credit that cannot be claimed in the tax year associated with the contribution may be carried forward and used against a taxpayer’s state tax liability for four subsequent years.

How does the credit work?

How are tax credits redistributed?

Important Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit Links: