If you have applied for, tried to apply for, or you are getting financial assistance, MO HealthNet, or SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, you have a right to a hearing if:

  • We determine you are not eligible and you think you are
  • We reduce the amount of your MO HealthNet, SNAP, or cash benefits and you do not think we should have
  • You do not agree with your benefit amount and/or the information used to determine your benefit amount
  • We refuse to take your application
  • You feel we did not respond to your request for help timely

Please note that applications that are returned with all required verification documents needed can be processed more quickly. Federal and state laws allow the Family Support Division a certain amount of time to process, depending on the application type:

Application Type Time Allowed to Process
SNAP 30 days
Temporary Assistance  30 day
Child Care Subsidy 15 days
MO HealthNet for Families 30 days
MO HealthNet for Children 30 days
MO HealthNet for Seniors 45 days
MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women 15 days
MO HealthNet for the Disabled  90 days
MO HealthNet for Women with Breast/Cervical Cancer 30 days
MO HealthNet for the Blind & Visually Impaired 90 days
Blind Pension 90 days