What is the Center for Braille & Narration Production?

The Center for Braille and Narration Production (CBNP) helps provide Missouri’s blind and visually impaired with quality, low-cost Braille, large print, and narrated materials that help support their needs.

In addition, CBNP offers meaningful employment for qualified individuals at the Jefferson City Correctional Center.

What services are available?

For a full list of our products and services, please refer to our CBNP Catalog.


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Braille: Literary and Textbook Format produced to Braille Association of North America standards.
  • e-Braille: An electronic version (CD, flash drive, or SD-Card) of material in Braille-ready-format (or .BRF) that can be read through any refreshable-Braille display devices or embossed into a hard-copy. NOTE: Due to the limitations of current refreshable-Braille display devices, tactile graphics are not offered in electronic form.
  • Large Print: Produced in 20-point Arial typeface or larger and page size up to tabloid (11x17).
  • e-Large Print: This electronic form (CD, flash drive, or SD-card) of transcription is provided in a Microsoft Word document with color graphics and can be used by any device that you would use Microsoft Word on.
  • Nemeth Code: Produced to National Braille Association: The Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Scientific Notation standards.
  • Music Braille: Produced to Braille Association of North America: Music Braille Code standards.
  • Narration: Your textbooks, instruction manuals, and your favorite books, magazines, newsletters and articles narrated into CD, Audio or MP3 Formats.
  • Text: This electronic form (CD, flash drive, or SD-card) of transcription provides content in a plain text (or .TXT) file & has no hard-copy counterpart. Text files can be used with any refreshable-Braille display device or computer with or without screen-reading software (such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, etc.). Graphics/images cannot be reproduced within this format and are addressed through transcriber notes.


If you have questions or need more information, you can call us at 573-751-4719 (toll-free at 1-800-592-6004) or email us at FSD.RSBCBNP@dss.mo.gov.

If you need to send anything to the Center for Braille & Narration Production, you can send it by fax to 573-526-0611 or send it by mail to:

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind
615 Howerton Court
P.O. Box 2320
Jefferson City, MO 65102-2320