Getting hired

As you progress through the services in your plan for employment, you and your counselor will be discussing going to work. During this time, you will be preparing job applications, designing and distributing a resume, and interviewing for jobs. You and your counselor will work together on this very important step — getting a job!

The process of finding a job started on the first day you met with your counselor. It’s a natural part of the process for you to make many contacts with people in the world of work. The people who provide your services will also address employment issues with you. Since the starting point of your job search was that first appointment, you should be thinking about finding a job throughout the process.

Once your job search becomes full-time, you can expect to have more contact with your counselor. You should do as much of the job search for yourself as you can, but your counselor also will be available to assist. One of the most important activities in searching for a job is networking, and your counselor can be an invaluable partner in this effort. You should keep your counselor updated on your search activities. A number of services exist to help you find labor market information, job vacancies, and resume development skills. Your counselor can connect you with these services and help keep your job search on track.

Now that I’m on the job...

Congratulations! You’ve found a job! You’ve started the new job and may think that your contact with RSB is over, right? Not just yet. Stay in close contact with RSB for the first 90 days of employment. Your counselor can offer advice, resources, or services to make sure you perform effectively on that new job. In many cases, the most valuable service your counselor can offer is problem-solving, answering many “how do I...” questions.

Counselors have heard these questions often and are well-prepared to help both you and your employer find the answers that will make your employment successful.

Now that I’ve been working for a while..

After 90 days of employment, your counselor will discuss keeping your case open for the delivery of less intensive, post-employment services. If that’s not necessary, your counselor will discuss closure of your case. Closure does not necessarily mean your contact with RSB is over. Your case may be closed now that you’ve achieved your employment goal, but please remember that it can be reopened at any time. Reopening can occur when there’s a small problem like the need for a new piece of equipment at work, or when a larger problem comes up, such as the need for a new, better, or different job. You’re not on your own out there. RSB is just a phone call away.