Now that I have a plan for employment, how do I keep that plan moving? Once you’ve started receiving the services listed on your plan for employment, there are certain things you can expect from your counselor and certain things your counselor needs to expect from you. Let’s start with the counselor’s responsibilities.

The Counselor’s Responsibilities

  • arrange regular appointments with you at a convenient location and assist with transportation as needed;
  • have contact with you at least once a month;
  • assist you, as needed, with planning for services to reach your employment goals;
  • make sure that services you need are provided when you need them;
  • arrange to pay for the services in your plan before they are provided to you;
  • review your progress and talk with you about how you are doing in your plan for employment;
  • work with you to make any needed changes in your plan for employment;
  • inform you of your rights to appeal any decision made by RSB regarding your case.

Your counselor expects you to...

  • be an active partner in the rehabilitation process, from referral through employment;
  • be progressively working toward the completion of your work plan;
  • be responsible for telling RSB before any service starts that you want RSB to pay for the service;
  • stay in contact (in person or by phone, e-mail, or regular mail) at least monthly and keep RSB advised of any changes needed in your plan for employment;
  • discuss any additional service you may feel is necessary before that service starts (RSB CANNOT pay for any service unless it is authorized BEFORE the service starts);
  • notify RSB when you complete employment applications, schedule interviews, or when you’re hired.