What services are available?

The Independent Living Rehabilitation Program focuses on helping those who are blind and visually impaired continue doing most of the things around their homes and their communities, building self-confidence and self-worth. Services may include:

  • Personal/home management (laundry, identifying money, identifying medications, coordinating clothing)
  • Communication (dialing a phone, telling time, writing checks)
  • Counseling and guidance (understanding feelings and fears about visual impairment and learning ways to cope)
  • Meal preparation (marking appliances and safe meal preparation)
  • Independent travel (instruction in the use of a white cane to locate landmarks, detect curbs and steps, and cross streets)

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for help if you have:

  • Visual impairment in both eyes
  • Your visual impairment affects your daily activities/employment

How do I get help?

Complete these three simple steps to see if you are eligible for help:


Contact Us


Meet With Us

  • We will come meet with you to talk about your individual needs and options for services



  • If we find that you are eligible for services, we will help you complete an application