Did you know…

  • The Prevention of Blindness Program (POB) is a statewide program created in 1915 that provides free public education services about blindness and other eye conditions, eye screenings, and treatment services necessary to prevent blindness. Our goal is to prevent blindness through early diagnosis and treatment.
  • POB treatment services for eligible consumers includes financial help for costs of eye examinations & related testing including visual fields, fundus photos (etc.), eye surgeries, hospitalization and anesthetic fees.
  • Treatment services may also include purchasing glasses, artificial eyes, and medication for the treatment of glaucoma.
  • POB assisted 436 Missourians in obtaining treatment services in fiscal year 2005. Services are provided through a statewide network of 116 optometrists and 90 ophthalmologists.
  • POB provides free glaucoma screenings at health fairs, senior citizen centers, businesses and other community settings across the state. In FY 2005, POB held 78 glaucoma screenings, serving 5445 individuals. The 137 people found to have higher than normal readings were referred to their local eye care specialist for a complete examination.
  • POB provides twelve full scale eye screening clinics in communities throughout the state each year. The purpose is for the early detection of eye diseases and conditions that can lead to blindness. The clinics are open to individuals of all ages and financial status at no cost to the individual. In FY 2005, POB screened 919 people at these clinics.
  • POB provides public education and informational materials about blindness and other eye conditions.


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