Underweight, forgetting to take his medications and his health in decline, Paul was admitted into a nursing facility. But now, years later and four months after participating in the Missouri Money Follows the Person—My Life, My Way, My Community program, he is back in a home of his own.

“Years ago, I was in a bad car wreck. To this day I still have no idea of what happened. The car rolled over six times. I woke up three months later in the hospital in St. Louis,” said Paul.

Though Paul returned home, but was unable to work and quit eating.

“I basically gave up,” said Paul.

It was at that point that Paul was taken to a nursing facility for care.

The nursing facility helped him regain his strength. He began to earn money working at a sheltered workshop. As his health improved, he began thinking about living on his own again. He missed his independence, but realized he wouldn’t be able to do it all on his own. Then someone told him about Money Follows the Person (MFP).

“A lady came to the Care Center and talked to me about MFP. She told me this would help me afford the expenses when I moved out to an apartment of my own,” said Paul.

Paul was linked with Tamara Goldrick, an MFP Regional Coordinator, who assisted him with his transition.

“Paul is a really good example of how MFP impacts a person’s whole life,” said Tamara. “His life has changed 180 degrees. He wanted a home, and now he’s able to live independently. He’s so happy.”

Through Money Follows the Person and Medicaid Home and Community Based Services, older or disabled adults who need living assistance now have more options than life in a care facility. Funds from the program ensure each person’s successful transition into the community, such as covering costs associated with setting up household or buying needed adaptive equipment. Program coordinators customize each person’s transition plan to ensure their needs can be met and that they will be able to thrive in their community.

“I got it set in my head I was going to do it, and I did it. I have more freedom now. A friend told me about a small house for rent,” said Paul. She took Paul to look at the property, and it was perfect. “Now I have a place where my daughter can come and visit me.” Paul is grateful the Money Follows the Person program has opened a new chapter in his life.