The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program is a MO HealthNet Program that pays for the cost of health insurance premiums for certain MO HealthNet participants. The program purchases health insurance for MO HealthNet-eligible participants when it is determined cost effective. Cost effective means that it costs less to buy the health insurance to cover medical care than to pay for the same services with MO HealthNet funds.

The HIPP Program cannot find health insurance policies for MO HealthNet participants, rather it purchases policies already available to participants through employers, former employers, labor unions, credit unions, church affiliations, other organizations, or individual policies. The HIPP Program is a voluntary program.

Participants are not eligible for participation in the HIPP Program if they are enrolled in MO HealthNet Managed Care, are eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, or if they have a policy that is court ordered.

Dental and Vision standalone policies are not covered through HIPP. Dental and Vision services will be provided through wrap around coverage.

The program operates on a prospective payment model, meaning that payments for premiums will be paid in advance and HIPP participants will be required to submit proof of payment and/or continuing coverage on a monthly basis.

The HIPP Program at MO HealthNet can be reached at 573-751-2005 or for any questions.

Program Information

If you have any questions about the HIPP Program,
contact the MO HealthNet Division, Cost Recovery Unit at (573) 751-2005.

The HIPP Program Fax Number: (573) 522-2326