Quick Facts About Department of Social Services

State Fiscal Year 2017

MO HealthNet1
Facts Count
Number of people enrolled for MO HealthNet services 991,362
MO HealthNet dollars spent state fiscal year 20172 $8,834.3 mil
Estimated federal portion of MO HealthNet dollars spent $5,536.2 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for inpatient hospital services $621.6 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for physician services $578.3 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for nursing home services $1,140.5 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for pharmacy services $1,319.8 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for managed care payments $1,412.4 mil
Family Support
Facts Count
Child support collections (IV-D and non-IV-D) $869.5 mil
Average monthly temporary assistance families3 14,615
Total temporary assistance payments3 $37.1 mil
Average monthly food stamp benefit recipients 764,121
Total food stamp benefits received $1,118.9 mil
Child Protection and Permanency
Facts Count
Children involved in hotline reports4 95,738
Children with substantiated abuse or neglect5 5,135
Children with family assessments5 62,933
Average monthly children in foster care6 13,473
Children adopted 1,588
Total Children’s Services expenditures7 $403.7 mil
Average monthly children receiving subsidized child care8 36,694
Child care expenditures $150.4 mil
Youth Services
Facts Count
Youths committed9 619
Average monthly youths in DYS custody 855