MO HealthNet1
Facts Count
Number of people enrolled for MO HealthNet services 1,030,053
MO HealthNet dollars spent state fiscal year 2021 $10.04 bil
Estimated federal portion of MO HealthNet dollars spent $6.53 bil
MO HealthNet dollars for inpatient hospital services $534.3 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for physician services $428.8 mil
MO HealthNet dollars for nursing home services $1.04 bil
MO HealthNet dollars for pharmacy services $1.41 bil
MO HealthNet dollars for managed care payments $2.52 bil
Family Support
Facts Count
Child support collections (IV-D and non-IV-D) $807.4 mil
Average monthly temporary assistance families2 8,607
Total temporary assistance payments2 $22.7 mil
Average monthly food stamp benefit recipients 717,668
Total food stamp benefits received $1.71 bil
Child Protection and Permanency
Facts Count
Children involved in hotline reports3 73,466
Children with substantiated abuse or neglect4 4,688
Children with family assessments4 47,613
Average monthly children in foster care5 13,924
Children adopted 1,513
Total Children’s Services expenditures6 $311.4 mil
Average monthly children receiving subsidized child care7 21,861
Child care expenditures $120.8 mil
Youth Services
Facts Count
Youths committed8 366
Average monthly youths in DYS custody 679

1 Does not include Women's Health Services
2 Includes Transitional Employment Benefit (TEB) cases
3 2021 Children's Division Annual Report, Table 2, total children less unable to locate, inappropriate report and located out of state
4 Children based on completed investigations/assessments
5 Children's Division Management Report, Table 25, legal status 1 only point-in-time end of month average for July 2020 - June 2021
6 Excludes all Child Care payments; Performance Based Contractor payments included only at statewide level
7 Any child receiving a payment during the month in a county, July 2020 - June 2021
8 Includes dual jurisdiction cases