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June 25, 2020

Missouri to resume Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance work requirements in August


In July, the Department of Social Services (DSS) will notify Missourians who have a work requirement to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TA), a cash grant and/or Food Stamp/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits that those work requirements will resume in August. A household’s failure to meet the program’s work requirement could potentially mean the loss of that benefit. The Family First Coronavirus Response Act section 2301 allowed Missouri to temporarily waive the work requirement for the Food Stamp/SNAP benefit and Governor Parson approved the DSS’s request to temporarily suspend the state statute regarding TA work requirements during COVID-19. 

“Missourians receiving SNAP or TA benefits prior to COVID-19 are familiar with program work requirements,” said Jennifer Tidball, Acting Director, Department of Social Services. “However, work requirements have been waived during COVID-19 and those who enrolled in the SNAP and TA programs during that time are likely to be unfamiliar with these requirements. Many Missourians are returning to the workplace in Phase 2 of the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan. SNAP and TA recipients may need assistance to comply with work requirements and get back into the workforce.  SkillUp and Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) are free programs available to all SNAP and TA recipients. These programs help Missourians with career planning, overcoming challenges to work, and securing and maintaining sustainable employment.  These employment and training services can be invaluable to individuals who are competing for jobs.”

Food Stamp/SNAP participants who are able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD) will receive notification in July about work requirements reinstatement in August to receive Food Stamp/SNAP benefits long than three months. The notification will indicate the number of hours the participant is required to work or train each month through SkillUP or to provide documentation of their work or training hours within the past 30 days. To find out more about SkillUP and locate a provider, go to

The Family Support Division will send a letter or call participants who receive Temporary Assistance (TA), also known as cash benefit, to inform them of the return of work requirements in August, the number of hours they are required to meet, and the possible impact on their benefit if the requirement is not met. TA participants are required to have a minimum number of employment and training activities hours per week unless individuals are age 60 or older, disabled or caring for a disabled household member, have a child under the age of 12 weeks; or a victim of domestic violence or a natural disaster. These individuals must meet the work requirements each week and hours can be met by working with a Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) provider. To find more about MWA, go to

Missourians who have questions can use the DSS Virtual Assistant to get immediate answers to basic questions that are not specific to an individual’s case 24 hours a day or can call 855-FSD-INFO or 855-373-4636 Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Missouri Services Navigator has information on over 2,800 programs and services available in the state.  Missourians in need of information on Food Stamp, Medicaid, Child Care Subsidy, LIHEAP, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefit programs can visit Missourians can also apply for those services 24/7 online by visiting, or sending completed applications and verification documents by email to, or by fax to 573-526-9400.

The Department of Social Services is committed to the “Show Me Strong" Recovery Plan and serving the needs of Missouri citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Information regarding the department’s response to the pandemic is available online

The mission of the Department of Social Services is to empower Missourians to live safe, healthy, and productive lives.  Visit to learn more about the Department of Social Services and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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