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November 4, 2014

Missouri Celebrates National Adoption Month

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—November is National Adoption Month in Missouri, a time to recognize the approximately 1,500 children in our state currently waiting and hoping to find forever homes with loving families. This month and throughout the year the Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division and the Missouri Heart Gallery encourage families and local communities to raise awareness for the children waiting for adoption.

This year’s focus for National Adoption Month is “Promoting and Supporting Sibling Connections,” which identifies the importance of maintaining the unique bond between siblings in foster care. Children waiting for adoption with other siblings dream of one day finding a family that is able to open their home not only to them, but also to their siblings.

“Every child deserves to have the opportunity to grow and develop in a stable home and be surrounded by a family that loves, encourages and supports them,” said Brian Kinkade, Department of Social Services Director. “National Adoption Month is a reminder that there are many children right here in the Show-Me State who are waiting for a family to open their hearts and home to these children in need.”

The Children’s Division is always looking for nurturing, loving individuals who would be interested in becoming foster parents and opening their home to children in need. If you would like to find out if foster parenting or adoption is right for you, please visit our Web site at http://www.MOHeartGallery.Org  or call 1-800-554-2222 for more information, or email us at  You can make a difference in the life of a child through foster parenting and/or adoption.


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