The Missouri Benefits Enrollment Transformation Report was produced by Civilla and the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). The project began in 2019 and took an intensive look at the application and enrollment process for Missouri’s largest safety net programs. This is part of a larger effort by DSS to improve the accessibility of services and participant experience.  Civilla worked with DSS team members and participants across the state to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire enrollment process and to identify specific opportunities for improvement.

Since the development of this report major changes have occurred. A global pandemic has created unprecedented challenges both for participants needing to access services and for the DSS in their administration of safety net programs. Additionally, the citizens of Missouri voted in August of 2020 to expand eligibility of the Mo HealthNet program. Both events have substantial impact on safety net programs, however, due to timing, they are not factored into the findings.

The DSS remains committed to improving participant experience. Moving forward, DSS is continuing their work with Civilla to simplify the application and enrollment process for critical safety net programs. This will include evaluating applications, improving correspondence, and implementing process improvement initiatives. This work will all take into account experiences since COVID-19 and Medicaid Expansion.

The Missouri Benefits Enrollment Transformation Report is as essential step toward improving Missouri’s safety net programs and Civilla and the DSS look forward to continued collaboration both internally and with stakeholders.

Together in public service,

Jennifer Tidball

Jennifer Tidball
DSS Acting Director