What services are available?

A range of services are available to help children and parents who are involved in the adoption process in Missouri. These services are offered to any child in Children's Division custody who is legally free for adoption and any prospective adoptive family.

Adoption services include:

  • An evaluation of the child's needs prior to placement
  • Arrangements for child care prior to placement and approval of the adoptive family
  • Special activities to help adoptive parents and children adjust to their new family
  • Payment for legal services associated with the freeing of a child for adoption
  • For special needs children, costs are underwritten by the state through the Missouri Adoption Subsidy Program* for:
    • Legal
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Psychiatric
    • Psychological
    • Integrative serves for the child both before and following adoption

*Note: For an adoptive family to receive an adoption subsidy, an agreement must be negotiated between the family and Children's Division.