Foster Parent Support

  • — Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition is a support group in the St. Louis area for foster and adoptive parents.
  • — FosterAdopt Connect is a support group in the Kansas City area for foster and adoptive parents.
  • — Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association… community service organization that steps in and provides for the needs of foster and adoptive children beyond what the state provides.
  • Department of Mental Health Network of Care: The links below provide information to foster parents and professionals on mental health conditions and information about accessing care for Mental and Behavioral Health as well as Developmental Disabilities:
    Medical Resources for Foster Parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics
    Network of Care for Mental and Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Washington University Center for Mental Health Services Research

    Working with Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Medications for Children in the Child Welfare System: A Guide for Child Welfare Professionals, Judges, Lawyers, Foster Parents and Family Members - The Center for Mental Health Services Research in partnership with the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services developed this guide to educate child welfare and family court professionals about psychiatry, the psychiatric consultation and evaluation process, and psychotropic medications. The site is designed to help these professionals better understand and work with psychiatrists as well as with children receiving psychotropic medications and their families / caregivers.

  • — Local Investment Commission (LINC) is a nationally-recognized organization known for its efforts to improve the lives of children and families in Kansas City through its Caring Communities initiative and for its focus on improving services that families depend upon -- education, child welfare, health, neighborhood development, seniors and others. This site offers information on services and programs in the Kansas City area.
  • — This is a link to the Children’s Trust Fund. This site has information on how you can help children if you are not sure about becoming a foster parent at this time and also offers links to many different agencies across the state that provide services to the children and families involved with the Children’s Division.
  • — This is a link to information about National Foster Care Month.

Adoption Resources

  • — National photo listing service for children awaiting adoption across the United States.
  • — This is a link to the Missouri Adoption Heart Gallery website. This site offers information on children available for adoption in Missouri and other helpful adoption and foster care information.