Out of Home Care

Out of Home Care is provided in situations where a parent or parents are incapable of providing a child or children with adequate social, emotional, and physical care. Out of Home Care is defined as care provided in licensed foster or approved relative family homes, in licensed residential facilities, or in licensed foster group homes. The service provides substitute settings for the children. Children are placed only after it is determined that they cannot remain at home.

CD operates a specialized foster care program for children who are behaviorally or emotionally disturbed or in need of extensive medical care. These children are placed with licensed foster parents who have received special training and who also receive a subsidy to cover the costs of room, board, and necessary treatment.


Aftercare provides a range of services to a child, and to the child’s parents upon the child’s return to the biological home. These services include counseling with the child and the parents; scheduling of visits by the social worker; identification of support services available in the community; and continuation of any treatment needed to maintain family stability and to prevent the behavior which resulted in the original removal of the child.

Who is Eligible?

Children up to age 17, or up to age 21 in special circumstances, who the juvenile courts have ruled to be dependent for reasons of abuse, neglect, or status offenses such as repeated runaways. These children receive aftercare services when they are returned home or are placed with relatives or in other permanent homes.

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