What can I be reimbursed for?

Resource Parents may be reimbursed for specific payments that are made to or on behalf of children who are in foster care, including mileage, clothing and babysitting. To receive a reimbursement, resource parents must have a SAMII account number. This number is different than your Department Vendor Number (DVN). If you are not sure what your SAMII number is or if you need to be assigned one, please contact your local Children’s Division office.

Respite Care

You are encouraged to use respite care services when you need help caring for foster children in your home temporarily. Respite care should be a fun and rewarding time for foster youth and all you time for yourself and recharging. Respite care is not meant to be used in situations where you need regular child care (ex. babysitter for an evening out).

A Respite Provider Invoice must be completed and signed by both you and the respite resource provider to be reimbursed for respite care. Either person may submit the completed form to the Children’s Division. Forms can be submitted directly to a Children’s Division team member, by bringing it to your local office, or sending a county payment request email.


We may be able to provide an annual clothing allowance for a foster child in your home to help with costs. For more information, contact your Children’s Division case manager or your local office.


Foster parents or youth in an Independent Living Arrangement or a Transitional Living Advocate placement may be able to receive mileage reimbursement for transportation costs when traveling with the youth, for the youth, or for attending trainings. Reimbursement is typically based on a round trip and the current state mileage rates as of the date of the trip. To be reimbursed, you must complete the Travel Expense Log and submit it to your local Children’s Division for approval. You must submit this within 30 days of the month of the trip. If you are traveling for a training, meals may also be reimbursed while at the training. To receive this reimbursement, you will need to request it on your Monthly Expense Report Form.


If you need child care so you can attend a pre-service or in-service training, you may be eligible for reimbursement at a rate of $2 per hour per child, including biological children. This payment is made through the SAM II system after you are licensed.

To receive reimbursement, you will need to complete the Generic Invoice and submit it. You can submit the invoice by returning it to a Children's Division team member or dropping it off at a local office.