In the 2014 legislative session, HB 1092 was passed which allows youth 16 and older in Children's Division custody to contract for the purposes of automobile insurance with the consent of the Children's Division or Juvenile Court. Prior to this legislation, Missouri youth under the age of 18 were not allowed to enter into a contract, such as automobile insurance, on an individual basis. This legislation applies to youth in foster care only. This legislation will benefit youth who own a vehicle – a co-signer is not needed.

The youth is responsible for paying the costs of the insurance premiums and is liable for damages from an automobile accident.

The Automobile Insurance Plan (AIP) is the market of last resort for consumers who need auto insurance but cannot find it through standard automobile insurance companies. The Automobile Insurance Plan Servicing Organization (AIPSO) is a non-profit management organization and service provider that administers the plan for Missouri and 48 other states and the District of Columbia.

Any agent licensed to write automobile insurance in the state can assist a qualified youth in obtaining insurance through the Missouri Automobile Insurance. Youth may also contact the Plan online or by calling 800-424-0026 for a list of producers/agents in their area who have submitted business to the Missouri Automobile Insurance Plan.