What services are available?

We have a team that specializes in providing services to blind or visually impaired children (ages 0-21) and their families reach their full potential. We can:

  • Provide parent education on blindness in children and how to increase independent living skills
  • Provide advocacy services for blind or visually impaired children and their families
  • Attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings at the request of the family or school
  • Provide referral and resource information to schools and families about issues involving vision loss
  • Provide services in the home and explain in detail how we can help

Who is eligible?

Children may be eligible for help if:

  • They are under the age of 21 (if your child is over the age of 14, we may also be able to help through Vocational Rehabilitation Transitional Services)
  • They have a significant vision impairment that meets RSB’s visual disability guidelines
  • They and their family are residents of Missouri
  • Services are needed to enhance their abilities

NOTE: There is no lower age limit for Children's Services—the child can be referred as soon as you know they have a significant vision loss.

How do I get help?

Complete these three simple steps to see if you are eligible for help:


Contact Us


Meet With Us

  • We will come meet with you to talk about your individual needs and options for services



  • If we find that you are eligible for services, we will help you complete an application