IMPORTANT: On July 14, 2021 Governor Parson signed into law HB557. All license-exempt facilities must register with DSS. According to 13 CSR 35-71.015, all licensed and license-exempt residential care facilities and child placing agencies must ensure that background checks on all new and current employees have been completed.

Why do I have to complete a background check?

In order to ensure a safe environment for children, Missouri law requires all licensed and license-exempt residential care facilities and child placing agencies ensure background checks are completed on all contractors and volunteers with access to children, employees, and owners who will have access to the facilities. For more details read210.493 and 13 CSR 35-71.015.

DSS will send a notice to both the applicant and the facility indicating whether the applicant is eligible or ineligible for presence at the property. It is the responsibility of the facility to either disqualify the applicant or terminate employment of current employees. Applicants are considered to be ineligible for work if certain offenses are discovered in the background check.

How do I complete a background check?

NOTE: Please complete the steps below to complete your background check, If you have any issues, you can email and ask that an application be mailed to you.




To apply for a background check, complete the application for a background check and upload all required documents.




  • Once you submit your background check application, we will send you a fingerprinting letter.
  • Follow the directions in this letter to submit your fingerprints.



  • You must register with the Family Care Safety Registry
  • If you are already registered, you do not have to register again

NOTE: You will receive a notice from the Department of Social Services letting you know if you are eligible or ineligible. Please save these results for your records.

Do I have to pay for my background check?

Any fees related to background checks are the responsibility of the applicant or employer. Please talk to your employer to find out who is responsible for payment before you do your background check.

What if I disagree with the results?

If your notice states that you are ineligible and you disagree, you may file for an administrative review within 14 days of the mailing of the notice.

How long are background checks good for?

Background checks will stay valid for five years from the date the fingerprints were taken, or until there is any change in the circumstances of the applicant which would make them ineligible, whichever occurs first. After five years, anyone who has access to children must complete the background check process again to make sure there has been no new offenses.

What if I commit an offense after my background check?

Once you get a background check, you are legally required to notify the Department of Social Services if you commit any of the offenses included in proposed 13 CSR 35-71.015. Failure to report this could disqualify you from employment or presence at the facility.


If you need more information or have additional questions, please review the Background checks FAQs or email us at