If you feel that you are in immediate danger, please call 911 now.

How do I get help?

If you are a victim of a violent crime, resources are available to help you report the crime and heal from any physical, emotional or psychological effects you might have. Search the Victim Services Directory to find help near you.

Resources for Crime Victims

If you are the victim of a violent crime, the following resources are available to help you:

Warning Signs

Human Trafficking Image

Human Trafficking

  • Lured into a job opportunity that seems too good to be true
  • In poor work & living conditions controlled by employer
  • Involved in dangerous or forced labor
  • Pressured to stay in a bad job
  • Denied pay or not paid what you were promised
  • Lured into a fast-moving relationship, especially ones that are solely online
  • Showered with gifts or money
Domestic Abuse Image

Partner Violence

  • Insulted, put down, or shamed, especially in front of others
  • Isolated from friends or family
  • No control over your money, education, or job
  • Pressured or forced you to use drugs, alcohol, or to perform sexual acts
  • Threatened with weapons or destruction of your property
  • Physically hurt in any way
Sexual Abuse Image

Rape & Sexual Abuse

  • Forced to have sex without permission or perform sexual acts
  • Touched inappropriately or without your permission
  • Unwanted comments that make you feel uncomfortable

How do I report a crime?

Contact your local law enforcement agency to report a crime and begin the necessary steps in an investigation. If you are a victim of rape or another form of sexual assault, it is important you make a report right away so DNA evidence can be collected, even if you know your abuser.

Could it be too late for me to report a crime?

Whether it happened recently or years ago, we strongly encourage you to contact your local law enforcement so a report is on record. The Attorney General's Office offers more information about reporting crime within the statute of limitations for Missouri.