What is re-entry?

If you are under the age of 21 and left the care of Children’s Division after you turned 17, you have the option to come back into Children’s Division care. This is called re-entry.

How do I request re-entry?

You must complete an Aftercare Support Application. Be sure to explain how re-entry would be in your best interest when you answer the question, "What would you like the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program to do for you?" If you need help with this application, contact your local Children's Division office.

Our team will work to file a petition for re-entry with the court on your behalf. If more information is needed to file the petition, an attorney from the Division of Legal Services may reach out to you. A petition for re-entry can be filed in:

  • The court that previously exercised jurisdiction
  • The county you live in
  • An adjacent county

What happens when I come back into care?

Once you are back in the care of the Children’s Division, you may receive any services you received before as part of your case, such as placement, adult support, and clothing allowances.
Unless you request otherwise, we will attempt to reconnect you with your previous case manager. If your case was managed by the Children's Division, you will work with your local Children's Division office. If your case was previously managed by a Foster Care Case Management Agency and you are still within that agencies service region, you will be assigned back to the agency for help.

You will be required to attend review hearings at least every 6 months (or more if necessary). You can request a Guardian ad Litem to help you with your court appearances. You will also be expected to participate in your case plan and meet with your team, as well as go to school and/or work to show you are making an effort towards living independently.

What if I need help immediately?

A petition for re-entry may take some time to be heard in court. If you need help immediately, we recommend you look into a referral for aftercare services.

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