Child and spousal support payments that are mailed should be sent to the Family Support Payment Center. The Family Support Payment Center is located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Those ordered to pay child and spousal support should mail payments to:

Family Support Payment Center
PO Box 109002
Jefferson City, MO 65110-900

Payments may be made by check* or money order, payable to “Family Support Payment Center.” In the memo section of the check or money order, please include your:

  • Social Security number
  • Child support case number (if you do not know your eight-digit child support case number, please call 1-866-313-9960 for assistance)
  • Support order number(s) and the amount paid for each support order if the payment is for more than one order

Noncustodial parents who receive billing statements with coupons attached should send the coupons with their support payments to the Family Support Payment Center.

*The Family Support Payment Center (FSPC) accepts personal checks from a single account in amounts totaling up to $1,000. For the purpose of this process, multiple checks from a single account will be treated as a single check. The FSPC will, however, accept personal checks from a single account totaling greater than $1,000 if the amount is for the current support obligation. For all other payments greater than $1,000, the FSPC requires that you make the payment by cashier's check or money order.

Payment Information Number

For additional payment information and assistance, please call 1-800-225-0530.

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