The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Advisory Committee is a forum through which the State agency and selected providers can participate together in the development and implementation of policy and administration of the DME Program.

The mission of the DME Advisory Committee is to:

  • Advise the agency regarding policy and administration by providing insight into the various aspects of the program from the perspective of the DME community, as well as the professional and scientific concerns of the different DME specialties.
  • Interpret administration of the DME program to the medical community in light of legislative, regulation and budget considerations.
  • Review and comment on policy proposals and revision of existing policy.
  • Recommend needed policy or revisions of existing policy.
  • Provide input regarding the impact of current relative values and fee schedule for equipment.
  • Bringing other concerns of the DME community to the attention of the agency.

The committee consists of providers from various specialties of the DME community. Meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis.