MO HealthNet's Primary Care Health Home (PCHH) initiative strives to provide intensive care coordination and care management as well as address social determinants of health for a medically complex population. One aspect of the program includes the implementation and evaluation of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model as a means to:

  • achieve accessible, high quality primary care;
  • demonstrate cost-effectiveness in order to validate and support the sustainability and spread of the model, and
  • support primary care practices by increasing available resources and improving care coordination thus improving the quality of clinician work life and patient outcomes.

The MO HealthNet PCHH initiative currently has more than 40 participating organizations with over 160 clinic sites. A complete list of Primary Care Health Home providers and sites can be found in the Featured Links section.

The PCHH initiative offers comprehensive care management services for Medicaid participants who have two or more chronic health conditions including asthma/COPD, developmental disabilities, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and tobacco use). The program also emphasizes the integration of primary care and behavioral health care in order to achieve improved health outcomes.

The Health Home Resources page has more information and documents used in implementing the PCHH initiative.

This website provides information regarding the development and current status of Missouri’s Primary Care Health Homes. For more information regarding the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) Behavioral Health Homes, this can be accessed on the DMH website: CMHC (Behavioral) Healthcare Homes.