MO HealthNet Pharmacy Documents

The MO HealthNet Pharmacy Program publishes documents of interest to pharmacy providers and other interested parties as necessary to clarify program policy. These documents may be updated frequently.

Issue Date Frequently Updated Document Description
09/13/2017 Clinical Edit/Step Therapy Proposed Implementation Schedule
04/05/2017 Diabetic Supplies Reference Product List
02/19/2015 Dose Optimization Products
12/18/2017 Drugs with Coverage Limitations and New Drug Review
01/05/2010 Hospice
09/08/2009 Managed Care Pharmacy Carve–Out–Billing Notification
11/27/2017 Missouri Maximum Allowable and Federal Upper Limit Cost for Specific Drug Products
09/16/2014 MO HealthNet Drug Prior Authorization Process
12/18/2017 Missouri Pharmacy Preferred Drug List
03/23/2006 NCPDP Version 5.0 Reject Codes
01/06/2012 NCPDP vD.0 Implementation Frequently Asked Questions
01/13/2012 New Drug AMCP Guidelines (Abbr.) and Cover Letter
03/13/17 New Drug Review Process
12/14/2017 OTC Covered Products
12/15/2017 Preferred Drug List Announcement
12/12/2008 Preferred Drug List, Frequently Asked Questions
12/08/17 Preferred Drug List Recommendations
02/19/2008 Tamper-Resistant Prescription Pads