Effective June 24th, 2009, MO HealthNet will update the Missouri Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) drug list to include specific specialty medications. Specialty medications are often defined as high-cost injectable, infused, oral, or inhaled drugs that may involve specific handling, supervision or monitoring.

Following current MO HealthNet pricing methodology, Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), pricing generally available to providers and number of suppliers, will be used as a basis for pricing both the identified specialty medications and the products on the traditional MAC list. In accordance with MHD MAC program policy, MO HealthNet staff will monitor and update the more inclusive Missouri MAC list. Specific questions regarding MHD Pharmacy Program policy may be addressed to MHD.PharmacyAdmin@dss.mo.gov.

Issue Date MAC Program Update Effective Dates
09/01/2023 Traditional MAC
09/01/2023 Specialty MAC Program

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