This information applies to MO HealthNet and MO HealthNet fee-for-service providers only. MO HealthNet managed care health plans are responsible for providing information to their providers in accordance with MO HealthNet managed care contracts.

How do providers stay current on MO HealthNet policy?

Providers can check MO HealthNet policy changes by visiting the Provider Bulletins page. Providers can also choose to be notified by e-mail when updates occur to the MO HealthNet web site by subscribing to MO HealthNet News

  • The provider can receive notification when a new bulletin or e-mail blast is issued or new information is published to the web site. This enables providers to be up-to-date on the latest MO HealthNet changes.

Where can I obtain MO HealthNet program assistance?

Providers may contact the Interactive Active Voice Response System (IVR) telephone number for MO HealthNet program assistance at 573/751-2896.

This number is available for MO HealthNet providers to call with inquiries, concerns, or questions regarding proper claim filing instructions, claims resolution and disposition, and participant eligibility file problems. The IVR provides answers to such questions as participant eligibility, last two check amounts, and claim status using a touch-tone telephone.

Providers may send/receive secure e-mail inquiries through the MO HealthNet web portal at Once you have logged on to the e-provider page, click on Provider Communications Management to send inquiries, or questions regarding proper claim filing instructions, claims resolution and disposition, and participant eligibility file problems. Providers may send one inquiry per e-mail.

Written inquiries are also handled by the Provider Communications Unit and can be mailed to the following address:

Provider Communications Unit
PO Box 5500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-5500

The following contacts are also available to assist providers:

  • Wipro Infocrossing Healthcare Services, Inc.

    • Help Desk: 573/635-3559 (For Electronic Billing Assistance)
    • E-mail Address: (For Electronic Billing Assistance)

    Call or send an e-mail for help in establishing the required electronic claims format, network communication, or assistance with the MO HealthNet billing web site and other simple help tips.

  • Provider Enrollment

    Most MO HealthNet provider applications are available through the MO HealthNet provider enrollment application site and must be completed online. This site contains applications and requirements for enrollment. Information for current providers is also available for those who may need to change an address or make other changes. Please read the instructions carefully.

    For additional information see Frequently Asked Provider Enrollment Questions.

  • Third Party Liability

    Call this number to report injuries sustained by MO HealthNet participants, problems obtaining a response from an insurance carrier, or unusual situations concerning third party insurance coverage.

  • Provider Education

    Provider representatives are available to train providers and other groups on proper billing practices as well as educating them on MO HealthNet programs and policies. Call this number to discuss training options. Any scheduled training workshops are posted on the MHD Provider Participation page, under Provider Options; Education and Billing.

  • MO HealthNet Participant Services

    This toll free number is available to MO HealthNet participants regarding their requests for access to providers, eligibility questions, covered/non-covered services or unpaid medical bills.

  • MO HealthNet Exceptions
    • Life-Threatening Emergency Requests Only: 1-800-392-8030
    • Non-Emergency Requests Fax Number: 573/522-3061

    Call the toll free number for emergency requests or fax non-emergency requests to initiate a request for essential medical services or an item of equipment that would not normally be covered under the MO HealthNet program.

  • Pharmacy Help Desk, Drug Prior Authorization, Diabetic Supply Prior Authorization, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Smart PA’s, and Med Solution precertification Process:
    • 1-800-392-8030
    • Fax Number: 573/636-6470

    This toll free number has several menu options. Call this number to obtain overrides for point of sale pharmacy claims that are rejecting because of clinical edits, such as "Refill Too Soon" and "Step Therapy". In addition this toll free number allows you to get a Prior authorization for certain drugs, diabetic supplies, smart pa for certain durable medical equipment items and certain radiology procedures that require a precertification.

  • Psychology Help Desk:
    • 1-866-771-3350;
    • fax number 1-573/635-6516
  • Clinical Services:
    • 1-573/751-6963
      PO Box 6500
      Jefferson City, MO 65102-6500
  • MO HealthNet

    The MO HealthNet Division maintains an Internet web site. Provider manuals, bulletins, e-mail blast, fee schedule, forms, training booklets, hot tips, and frequently asked questions are located on this web site.

  • MO HealthNet Internet billing web site

    Use this web site for claim submissions; eligibility verification; claims, prior authorization, and attachment status; and check amount inquiries. Several files are available for download including claims processing schedule, the last four remittance advices, and aged remittance advices.

Why do I get the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) when I call for a MO HealthNet specialist at 573-751-2896?

When you call the number, you do not get a busy signal but instead you are automatically transferred to the IVR. Anytime during the IVR options, you may select “0” to speak to the next available specialist. Your call will be put into a queue and will be answered in the order it was received.

How can I get information on the status of my claim?

This information is available from the following sources:

  • The IVR System at: 573/751-2896, Option 3. Information regarding the IVR is located in Section 3 of the provider manuals.
  • The MO HealthNet Internet Billing “Emomed” web site. From this site, you may download your Claim Confirmation Reports. Claim Confirmation Reports are available the day after claim submission and remain online for 30 days. You may also check claim status at this web site.
  • The four most recent remittance advices which list paid and denied claims are available at the MO HealthNet Internet Billing “Emomed” web site. You may also request aged remittance advices back for the last three years.
  • You may call a specialist at 573/751-2896.

Why did my claim deny?

MO HealthNet claims are processed by Wipro Infocrossing Healthcare Services, Inc. via a computer claims processing system. The computer claims processing system is programmed to look for required information through a series of edits. If the required information is not present, the claim will be denied with a Claim Adjustment Reason Code or Remittance Advice Remark Code.

All claims processed by MO HealthNet are listed on the provider’s remittance advice. The remittance advice lists the Claim Adjustment Reason Codes and Remittance Remark Codes showing why the claim failed. You can download a narrative definition of Claim Adjustment Reason Codes and Remittance Advice Remark Codes used by MO HealthNet on the Washington Publishing Company web site.

Is there a way to retrieve the information previously submitted, so I don’t have to re-key all the information for a new claim?

The MO HealthNet billing web site allows the retrieval of previously submitted claims. When the claim is retrieved, the fields will automatically be populated with the information entered on the original claim. Users may modify or correct previously submitted information, then resend the claim for payment. This function is available for virtually all claims originally submitted electronically or on paper.

PLEASE NOTE: There are exceptions to claims that can be retrieved and resubmitted.

What is MO HealthNet’s timely filing policy?

This information is provided in Section 4 of the provider manuals.

  • Timely Filing Criteria - Original Submission MO HealthNet Claims: Claims from participating providers that request MO HealthNet reimbursement must be filed by the provider and received by the fiscal agent or state agency within 12 months from the date of service.
  • Timely Filing Criteria - Original Submission Medicare/MO HealthNet Claims: Medicare/MO HealthNet (crossover) claims, which do not cross over automatically from Medicare, require filing an electronic claim to MO HealthNet. The claim must be received by the fiscal agent or state agency, within six months of the date of Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) of the allowed claim, or within 12 months of the date of service.
  • Timely Filing Criteria - Original Submission MO HealthNet Claims with Third Party Liability: Claims for participants who have other insurance and are not exempt from third party liability editing must first be submitted to the insurance company. All claims regardless of possible other insurance coverage must still meet the MO HealthNet timely filing guidelines and be received by the fiscal agent or state agency within 12 months from the date of service. Claim disposition by the insurance company after one year will not serve to extend the filing requirement. If the provider has not had a response from the insurance company prior to the 12-month filing limit, he/she should contact the Third Party Liability (TPL) Unit at 573/751-2005 for billing instructions. It is recommended that providers wait no longer than six months after the date of service before contacting the TPL Unit.
  • Time Limit for Resubmission of a Claim: After 12 months from the date of service, claims which were originally submitted and received by the fiscal agent or state agency within 12 months from the date of service and denied or returned to the provider must be resubmitted and received within 24 months of the date of service. Each resubmission filed beyond the 12 month filing limit must have documentation attached that indicates the claim had originally been filed within 12 months of the date of service. Copies of remittance advices, return-to-provider letters, claim confirmation reports, or letters from the MO HealthNet Division may serve as documentation.
  • Timely Filing Using the ICN: Claims resubmitted past one year from the date of service may not require documentation of timely filing attached to the claim form. The internal control number (ICN) of the previously submitted claim must be entered in the "MO HealthNet Resubmission" or "Original Reference Number" for paper claims. The MO HealthNet billing web site at has a timely filing option available to providers. Enter in the ICN that supports timely filing and choose the “Timely Filing” button, located in the toolbar at the top of the page.The ICN is then documented in the “Previous ICN” field located at the top of the claim.
  • Timely Filing Adjustments: Adjustments to a paid claim must be filed within 24 months from the date of the remittance advice that shows payment. If the processing of an adjustment necessitates filing a new claim, the timely limits for resubmitting the new, corrected claim is limited to 90 days from the date of the remittance advice indicating recoupment, or 12 months from the date of service, whichever is longer. Only adjustment requests that are the result of lawsuits or settlements will be accepted beyond the 24 months.

Why isn’t there more information on the MO HealthNet identification cards?

The Department of Social Services issues a permanent MO HealthNet identification card for each MO HealthNet participant. Issuing a permanent card instead of mailing a card each month saves printing and postage fees.

An identification card does not show eligibility dates or any other information regarding restrictions of benefits or third party resource information. This information could change at any time. Providers must verify the participant’s eligibility status before rendering services as the identification card only contains the participant’s identifying information (identification number, name, and date of birth). As stated on the card, holding the card does not certify eligibility or guarantee benefits. Additional information is provided in Section 1 of the provider manuals.

MO HealthNet eligibility may be verified through the following eligibility verification system 24 hours per day, 7 days per week:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, 1-573/751-2896, option 1
  • Internet at

When I use the eligibility verification systems, I am given the participant’s “ME” /Plan Code. What is an ME/Plan code and why is this information important?

MO HealthNet Eligibility (ME) /Plan Code indicates the eligibility group or category of assistance under which an individual is eligible. Some eligibility groups or categories of assistance have benefit restrictions. Please see Section 1 of your provider manuals for a description of the ME /Plan Codes and explanation of benefit restrictions.

Medicare has denied my claim. How do I file with MO HealthNet?

Not all services covered under the MO HealthNet program are covered by Medicare. Examples are most dental services, hearing aids, adult day health care, or personal care. In addition, some benefits that are provided under Medicare coverage may be subject to certain limitations. The provider will receive a Medicare Remittance Advice that indicates if Medicare has denied a service. The provider may submit a claim to MO HealthNet, using the proper claim form for consideration of reimbursement if MO HealthNet covers the service.

Providers can submit MO HealthNet claims electronically that require a TPL or Medicare denial remittance advice. This is done with the 837 transaction or the MO HealthNet Internet claim forms located at If the 837 transaction is chosen, please refer to the Implementation Guides for assistance.

To bill through the MO HealthNet billing “EMOMED”web site, select the appropriate billing form (CMS-1500, UB- 04, Nursing Home, etc.) and complete your data for the MO HealthNet claim. Each form will have a field titled, "Other Payers (click to manage)" button. This will bring you to the "Other Payer" header attachment. A header attachment is required for every claim. There is a “Help” feature available by clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner. The code you enter in the "Filing Indicator" field will determine if the attachment is linked to the TPL or the Medicare coverage. The "Paid Date" will tie the Header and the Detail attachments together to enable accurate processing. Enter the Reason and/or Remark Codes and the amount assigned to them exactly as you have received them on your remittance advice. If you have received a denial on a detail line, you will need to click on the "Other Payers (click to manage)" and your detail payer information and click on “save other payer to claim” button. If you have a Medicare denial and a TPL denial, you will be required to add a second "Other Payer" header attachment and related detail attachment. When all attachments have been created as electronic transactions, the option of filing a paper denial will end. Should your facility need training or assistance on how to complete the electronic emomed claims, please contact our Provider Education Unit at 573-751-6683.

Why isn’t my Medicare crossover claim crossing over?

Some crossover claims cannot be processed in the usual manner for one of the following reasons:

  • The carrier does not send crossovers to MO HealthNet.
  • The provider did not indicate on his claim to Medicare that the beneficiary was eligible for MO HealthNet.
  • The participant information on the crossover claim does not match the fiscal agent’s participant file.
  • The provider’s Medicare identification number is not on file in the MO HealthNet Division provider files. Submit a copy of your Medicare provider letter to the Provider Enrollment Unit or e-mail Provider Enrollment for assistance.

If claims are not received automatically from the contractor and you have waited sixty days since receiving your Medicare payment or you know your contractor does not forward claims to MO HealthNet, you will need to file a crossover claim. Providers have two electronic options in billing these crossover claims. The 837 transaction or the MO HealthNet billing web site Internet claim process must be utilized to achieve consideration of payment for crossover claims. In using the 837 transaction, you will need to consult your Implementation Guides to determine the correct billing procedures or contact your billing agent. MO HealthNet staff cannot assist you with this type of billing.

Internet crossover claim forms for Part A (hospital and nursing home) and Part B (professional services) are located at You will be asked to enter data just as you submitted to Medicare and the corresponding adjudication data (i.e., Reason and remarks codes, amounts assigned to these codes, etc.) you received on your Medicare Remittance Advice. The instructions for these claim forms are located under the HELP feature available by clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

For MO HealthNet participants who are also Medicare beneficiaries who are either a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB Only) or Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Plus (QMB Plus) and receive services covered by a Medicare Advantage/Part C plan, MO HealthNet pays the deductible, coinsurance and copayment amounts otherwise charged to the participant by the provider, per limits established in subsection (3)(U) of 13 CSR 70-10.015.

Medicare Advantage/Part C plans do not forward electronic crossover claims to MO HealthNet. Therefore, providers must submit through the MO HealthNet billing ‘Emomed” web site at Choose the appropriate Part C crossover claim format. You will be asked to enter data just as you submitted to the Medicare Advantage/Part C plan and the corresponding adjudication data (i.e., Reason and remarks codes, amounts assigned to these codes, etc.) you received on your Medicare Remittance Advice. The filing indicator for Medicare Advantage/part C crossover claims is 16. The instructions for these claim forms are located under the HELP feature available by clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

My pharmacy claim denied for early refill. Where did the participant get the last prescription filled?

If the participant cannot tell you the name of the pharmacy that filled their last prescription, the provider may call the Pharmacy Help Desk toll free at 1-800-392-8030.

Why can’t the pharmacy staff reverse pharmacy claims?

MO HealthNet staff do not have the capability to reverse claims. Only the billing provider may reverse a point of sale claim. This policy assures the provider that no unauthorized person will have access to his or her submitted claims. Please note that claims may be reversed up to 60 days from the original date of service. After 60 days, the provider must submit an Internet adjustment on emomed.

How does insurance information on the participant’s eligibility file get updated to show a change or termination date?

Many times a provider may learn of a change in insurance information prior to the MO HealthNet agency since the provider has an immediate contact with their patients. If the provider learns of new insurance information or of a change in the third party liability (TPL) information, he/she may submit the information to the MO HealthNet agency to be verified and updated on the participant’s eligibility file.

The provider may report this new information to the MO HealthNet agency using the MO HealthNet Insurance Resource Report form (TPL-4). Complete the form as fully as possible to facilitate the verification of the information. Reference: MO HealthNet Provider Manual General Chapters, Section 5.

Do outpatient hospital services require pre-certification?

Providers are required to seek pre-certification for certain diagnostic and ancillary procedures and services ordered by a healthcare provider unless provided in an inpatient hospital or emergency room setting. Services requiring pre-certification can be found on the Medical Pre-Certification Criteria Documents page.

Do inpatient hospital admissions require pre-certification?

Inpatient hospital admissions must be certified by Conduent (formally Xerox Care and Quality Solutions), the organization responsible for admission certification. Their telephone number is 1-800-766-0686. A list of services exempt from admission certification can be found in the MO HealthNet Hospital Manual Section 13.

What are the requirements for sterilization?

A Sterilization Consent Form is required for all claims containing the following procedure codes: 55250, 58600, 58605, 58611, 58615, 58670, and 58671. The MO HealthNet participant must be at least 21 years of age at the time the consent is obtained and must be mentally competent. The participant must have given informed consent voluntarily in accordance with federal and state requirements.

The Sterilization Consent Form must be completed and signed by the participant at least 31 days, but not more than 180 days, prior to the date of the sterilization procedure. There must be 30 days between the date of signing and the surgery date. The day after the signing is considered the first day when counting the 30 days. There are provisions for emergency situations that are referenced in Section 10 of the provider manual.

What is the status of my non-drug prior authorization request?

You may check the status of your Prior Authorization Request through the MO HealthNet billing “Emomed” web site. Prior authorizations generally take four to six weeks to obtain. Providers are cautioned that an approved authorization approves only the medical necessity of the service and does not guarantee payment. Claim information must still be complete and correct, and the provider and the participant must both be eligible at the time the service is rendered or item delivered. Program restrictions such as age, category of assistance, managed care, etc., that limit or restrict coverage still apply and restricted services provided to participants are not reimbursed.

Please remember, payment is not made for services initiated before the approval date on the prior authorization request form or after the authorization deadline. For services to continue after the expiration date of an existing prior authorization request, a new prior authorization request must be completed and mailed.

Please refer to Section 8 of your provider manual for more information regarding prior authorizations.

What attachments are required on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) procedures?

MO HealthNet may require one or more of the following attachments for each covered procedure code: Certificate of Medical Necessity or the supplier’s invoice of cost. For a complete list of the MO HealthNet covered DME procedure codes that indicate their required attachment(s), please refer to Section 19 of your DME provider manual or to the MO HealthNet fee schedule.

How do I get access to the MO HealthNet Internet billing web site?

Each user can apply for a user identification (ID) and password by selecting the “Not Registered? Register Now!” link at Once the application is completed, you will be assigned a user ID and password. After you receive your user ID and password, you can immediately log onto emomed and begin using the site.