One significant outcome of the 2007 legislative session was the passage of Senate Bill 577. This bill changed the Missouri Medicaid program to MO HealthNet. The legislation also provided for an additional tool for the MO HealthNet Estate Recovery program.
The legislation added a new section to RSMo 473.398 that starting August 28, 2007, any open estate may not be closed with respect to a decedent who, at the time of death, was enrolled in MO HealthNet until a release of the Estate Recovery Claim by MO HealthNet is obtained.
In order to obtain a release either as a result of payment of an Estate Recovery Claim or if the decedent was not enrolled in the MO HealthNet, the following must be completed:

  • MO HealthNet Division will make available an Estate Notice MO HealthNet report form to be completed by the representing attorney at the time the estate is opened. This form may also be obtained by calling MO HealthNet at (573) 751-2005.
  • When the form is completed, the representing attorney will send it to MO HealthNet Division via fax (573) 526-1162, mail to the Cost Recovery Unit, PO Box 6500, Jefferson City, MO 65102-6500, or e-mail to
  • The form will be completed further by the MO HealthNet Division and returned to the representing attorney by fax or mail advising if a claim will be asserted or waived.
  • A MO HealthNet Division release letter will follow when the decedent is determined not to be a MO HealthNet participant or after payment of an Estate Recovery claim if they are a MO HealthNet participant.

If you have any questions about Estate Recovery, please contact the MO HealthNet Division, Cost Recovery Unit at (573) 751-2005.