Medicaid Transformation

“Rapid Response Review” report was procured by The Department of Social Services.   The review, which began in October, was an intensive and comprehensive independent evaluation of the Missouri Medicaid program.  The review examined the entire Medicaid program, including health care outcomes, participant experiences, operational efficiencies and cost management. 

The report identifies serious concerns about the financial sustainability of the program.   It also identifies a range of options that could improve quality of care and lower future spending growth in the program. 

Modernizing and transforming Medicaid will require strategic and thoughtful planning. The purpose of the Rapid Response Review was to examine and evaluate the Missouri Medicaid program, policies, procedures and practices and compare them to other Medicaid programs to help determine what is working well and opportunities to improve.  

We must now begin the hard work of planning and implementing a transformation of Missouri’s Medicaid program.  Together we must work to build a best-in-class Medicaid program that addresses the needs of Missouri’s most vulnerable population in a way that is financially sustainable.  While the report identifies a range of options for the state to consider – the path forward will ultimately be determined by what is best for Missouri.

The goals of the Medicaid transformation effort will be to: 

  • Bring Medicaid spending growth in line with the rate of growth for Missouri
  • Ensure access to health care and services to meet the needs of Missouri's most vulnerable populations
  • Improve participant experience and health care outcomes and increase their independence
  • Partner with providers to modernize care delivery system
  • Become a leader in the implementation of value-based care in Medicaid

Transformation will be a team effort, and Missouri Medicaid understands the importance of partnering with participants, health care industry leaders, and policy makers to work together towards change.


Todd Richardson
MO HealthNet