STAT provides assistance to multidisciplinary teams and local law enforcement agencies free of charge in investigating and prosecuting child sexual abuse, child exploitation and internet crimes against children cases.

Who can request help?

There are five agencies who can request assistance from STAT, which include:

  • Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division
  • Local, state or federal law enforcement
  • Prosecutors
  • Juvenile offices/family courts
  • Coroners/medical examiners

How to request a STAT Investigator

If you are interested in STAT’s assistance, you can request a consultation, a case review or a meeting in person. STAT’s assistance is provided free of charge.

  • Consultations are available to multidisciplinary teams and local law enforcement agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-487-1626
  • In-person support is available as soon as practical (depending on travel time of the on-call investigator)
  • Medical consultations are also available upon request
  • If you need assistance completing the MDFC Request for Assistance please contact the lab at 573-526-6371

Additional Resources