Our Mission Statement:

The Task Force was established by the Children’s Division with a Mission to Benefit and enhance children’s lives by recommending improvement of child abuse and neglect laws, policies, programs, professional education and public awareness, and to provide funding to support these recommendations.

The State of Missouri has three Citizens Review Panels, including State Fatality Review Panel, the Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board, and the Children's Justice Task Force. The Task Force on Children's Justice is required by federal statute to produce an annual report as well as a comprehensive report every three (3) years to include the State's systems related to the investigative, administrative and judicial handling of child abuse, neglect and exploitation cases and child maltreatment-related fatalities. The Task Force is to make recommendations for improvements to those systems.

Children’s Justice Act Grant Funding Application

Download the Children’s Justice Act Grant Funding Application Form

Please email original application to:

Children’s Division

Please Note: Requested projects must have a state-wide impact to be considered for funding. The amount awarded will be determined on a case–by–case basis depending on project needs.

The Application must be postmarked at least 30 days before the next scheduled Task Force meeting. Meeting dates can be confirmed by calling (573) 751-3171.

Questions? Call (573) 751-3171.