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When a youth is committed to DYS custody, they are immediately assigned a Service Coordinator, or case manager, who will serve as their advocate throughout their DYS commitment. The Service Coordinator will meet with the youth, family members, juvenile officer, teacher and any others who may be able to offer more information about the youth’s strengths and needs.

How is placement determined?

A risk/needs assessment will be completed to help decide appropriate placement of a youth in care. The goal is to keep the youth in the least restrictive environment that will fit their treatment plan. Placement options include:

Comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan

Once placement is determined, the Service Coordinator works closely with the youth, family and program staff to develop a Comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan (CITP) that outlines the goals, strategies, resources, and main “players” in the youth’s treatment process. This treatment plan is fluid and flexible, changing if needed as developments occur.

The Service Coordinator will continuously work to develop community-based partnerships for job placement, alternative education and treatment opportunities for the youth. This may include placement in vocational training, employment, counseling, GED classes, public school and/or college.

Youth may also receive help through a Social Service Aide who serves as a community mentor and can help provide treatment services. They provide guidance ensuring a youth’s successful transition back into the community and complete regular home, school, and employer visits to check in.

Administrative Reviews

Once a youth has been in DYS custody for six months, an Administrative Review with the youth, family members, Service Coordinator and treatment providers will take place. The purpose of this formal meeting is to measure the youth’s progress and the effectiveness of treatment. Adjustments to the youth’s Comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan will be made if necessary.

What happens when a youth nears their release date?

As youth near their release date, transition meetings are held. These meetings allow the youth, family members, Service Coordinator, facility staff and other community based supports to discuss the youth’s upcoming release. Based off these meetings, a community integration plan is developed to help the youth ease back into their community.