The Randolph-Sheppard Program is administered by Rehabilitation Services for the Blind’s Business Enterprise Program (BEP). Lion’s Business Opportunities for the Missouri Blind Inc., a private, not-for-profit corporation, acts as an agent for Family Support Division in the provision of management services and fund administration.

What services are available?

The BEP helps blind persons achieve success as self-employed entrepreneurs. The BEP:

  • Develops business sites in state, federal and other locations
  • Provides business opportunities including vending routes, convenience stores, snack bars, and full-service C

All program participants must successfully pass the National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification. Applicants are interviewed, tested and given work-site evaluations before acceptance for training.


Manager training consists of classroom instruction and on-the-job monitored training at a variety of BEP facilities.